Swordfight, Holy Daze High 8 Us & Auditions

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Mary Jane Jägermeister & Oliver Itt Dressed for the Holy Daze

http://www.stan-met.ru/moe/kupit-skorost-po-zakladkam.html Mary Jane Jägermeister & Oliver Itt Dressed for the Holy Daze

follow Yesterday Moose Knuckles rolled Limo 3 out of the underground garage at around 3:13 pm, picked up Hairy Meat at Chef’s lithouse on East Campus, swung by Neuneuschwanstein to gather Professor Diabolus, then headed to Coach and Betty’s South Campus Pink House. There the men of 13th Grade had a good old fashioned sword fight in the basement, swinging away at a handful of new songs, drinking beer, telling dirty jokes, sharing war stories, plotting world domination, the whole bromantic 9.  Good times!

source link The band is currently on hiatus from performing as they craft new materiel, search for a backup singer, and put wheels in motion for a video to Dirty Square Dancin’…  Stay tuned!

Next week Pet and MaryJane will rejoin the melee, possibly with a Feelmorian Candidate plucked from the ranks of the Ruf Ryderz in tow. After that the Hardcore Fucalty will scatter for the Holy Daze: Pet and Professor will fly to Romania to hang out with his weird-ass family and all the ghosts haunting the estate in Sighisoara; Chef will head to Las Vegas for a lost weekend of debauchery worthy of the King hisself (TCBz!);

get link To audition for the 13th Grade, contact: Professor P. Diabolus at professordiabolus@gmail.com


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  1. Amanda Blow says:

    you know if i was still in seattle, i would be your back-up singer! Miss You Guys!!

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