13th Grade, by Jess'ta Fleshwound

see 13th Grade, by Jess'ta Fleshwound

enter site The Feelmore Academy 13th Grade is a ridiculously exclusive institution of higher (but mostly lower) education, geared toward delinquents in all walks of life.

click here Since 1968, the Academy has been an infamous educator of many notable dropouts, blasphemers, con artists, sluts, dope fiends, pornographers, international assassins, and the like.

get link Some of the classes we offer include Hooky, Hydroponics, Breaking and Entering, Masturbation, Sleep, Tax Evasion, Recreational Pharmacology, Advanced Apostasy, Forgery, and Lawn Darts.

соль по закладкам оренбург Applicants to our non-graduate program are considered on the basis of their personal vices, criminal records, ability to disrupt class with their shenanigans, and of course…the swimsuit competition.

papaver somniferum семена купить We’re currently accepting applications for the class of 2010. GO ASS PIRATES!!!