www.999yiyou.com 网(Can News)是藏金阁娱乐注册 (CAN Press)旗下中英文双语的航空行业第一新闻门户网站,主要内容包括:航空制造业、www.999yiyou.com 、藏金阁注册网址 、MRO、通用航空、时尚飞行、航空院校、财富、人物、生活、航空图集、网络视频、策划专题及会展活动等等。网站创建于2009年,目前日更新量约为200篇。

藏金阁娱乐注册 (CAN Press)是中国顶尖的航空新闻资讯传播机构,提供航空及上下游产业链新闻资讯,以及全媒体传播与服务。藏金阁娱乐注册 (CAN Press)拥有每周3期、发行量接近10万、读者超过100万的《中国航空报》及其系列子报,www.999yiyou.com 网(www.13th-grade.com),高端飞行杂志《环球飞行》,航展/大型活动现场报道,网络视频新闻节目、网络视频直播等系列权威、专业的全媒体产品。

藏金阁娱乐注册 (CAN Press)依靠深厚的行业资源、资深专业团队和广泛的国内外战略合作伙伴,主办和参与专业会议展览,提供专业咨询、品牌传播、媒体公关、平面及多媒体设计等服务。



CANNEWS.com.cn, which subordinate to CAN Press, is a news portal with both Chinese and English version in aviation industry. The website was founded in 2009, which updates nearly 200 pieces of news every day. The main contents of CANNews include aviation manufacturing industry, air transportation, military defense, maintenance repair operating (MRO), general aviation, fashion flight, aviation colleges, fortune, figures, life, aviation photos, online video, special topics, exhibition and so on.

CAN Press is the top news and service agency for China aviation since 1987, communicating the valuable news and providing professional services around manufacturing, air transportation, defense, MRO.

We publish some well-known all-media products: China Aviation Newspaper with 3 issues per week which has a circulation nearly 100,000 and readership over 1,000,000,; Website "Cannews.com.cn" in English and Chinese which is the first news portal of China aviation online, with almost 150,000 page view a day; World Flight the top monthly magazine for flight; CAN Show News the special report for main air shows and events; Can-V news programs such as real-time video interview in CAN Live Press Room, etc..

President : Liu Hongyi

Chief in Editor: Wei Yiqun