Upcoming Shows
Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming shows right now. Check back soon!
Past Shows
10/30/1010:00pmBelltown Undergroundw/ Atomic BrideSeattle, WA(map)
08/13/109:00pmWallingford Warehousew/ DJ WizzlaSeattle, WA(map)
06/11/109:00pmThe Skylarkw/ The Fun PoliceSeattle, WA(map)
04/23/109:00pmThe Blue Moonw/ Hidden NumberSeattle, WA(map)
04/09/108:00pmTiger Loungew/ Atomic BrideSeattle, WA(map)
03/13/108:00pmTiger Loungew/ The Fun PoliceSeattle, WA(map)
10/31/099:00pmThe Undergroundw/ DJ Brown TroutSeattle, WA(map)
10/30/099:00pmThe Skylarkw/ The Fun PoliceSeattle, WA(map)
10/02/099:00pmThe Central Saloonw/ The Fun PoliceSeattle, WA(map)
07/31/098:00pmEl CorazónSeattle, WA(map)
06/13/099:00pmSilent Music Wharehousew/ The Fun PoliceTacoma, WA(map)
06/09/099:00pmThe SkylarkSeattle, WA(map)
04/24/0910:00pmThe Blue Moonw/ The Fun PoliceSeattle, WA(map)
12/31/0810:00pmThe Blue Moonw/ A Gun That Shoots KnivesSeattle, WA(map)
11/01/0810:00pmThe Mars BarSeattle, WA(map)
10/18/0810:00pmJ&M CafeSeattle, WA(map)
07/18/089:00pmThe Skylarkw/ The StevedoreSeattle, WA(map)
06/13/089:00pmThe Blue MoonSeattle, WA(map)
05/07/089:00pmThe Funhousew/ HarptallicaSeattle, WA(map)
04/12/0810:00pmThe Skylarkw/ Hidden NumberSeattle, WA(map)
03/28/0810:00pmThe Blue Moonw/ Chris MessSeattle, WA(map)
03/13/0810:00pmThe Galway Armsw/ The StevedoreSeattle, WA(map)
02/07/0810:00pmFuelSeattle, WA(map)
01/04/0810:00pmThe SkylarkSeattle, WA(map)
10/18/0710:00pmThe SkylarkSeattle, WA(map)
07/08/0710:00pmThe Central Saloonw/ The ResetsSeattle, WA(map)
04/13/0710:00pmThe Blue MoonSeattle, WA(map)
03/17/0710:00pmThe Poggie TavernSeattle, WA(map)

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