Dirty Square Dancin’ Video Released!

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An insane amount of time, effort, planning, rehearsing, beer, sweat and tears (no blood that we know of, but plenty of red tempera!) went into the making of the Dirty Square Dancin’ video. The result is a purty little glittering jewel of high lowbrow art, seeking to put a smile on your face, a tap in your toe, and a tingle in your jeans!

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A Call to Arms & Legs

13th Grade is looking for a few naughty folks to learn a handful of square dance moves and some raunchy pantomimes, to be performed in costume for a music video to their future hit single “Dirty Square Dancin’.”

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Mary Jane’s Got Back!

This past weekend the members of the Feelmore Academy made a trip up to the Snoqualmie Casino. And as on every Feelmore adventure, we had a blast!

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We Love You Central Saloon

Pioneer Square is a writhing trainwreck of oozing, shoving, laughing, drunken, tarted-up life. Often a fighting one, too. It injects a bit of Na’Wlins (aka New Orleans, aka Katrina’s Bitch) into the NorthWest. Gods bless that old pumping, thumping heart of Seattle.

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Lovers, Hooters & the Silent Studio in Tacoma

Our first trip to the 253 was a BLAST, and after a brief refractory period we’ll be back in the ring to take another swig.  I mean swing!  Both, really.

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