A Hot Nurse at the Blue Moon

Every now and again I come across something new using the Google. This photo was a nice surprise.

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The Day After Halloween at the Mars Bar

Well… even though we all dressed up and got drunk the night before, the members of the Feelmore Academy were able to make it to the Mars Bar for an incredible show.

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Monkeys of Destruction Recordings

Professor in the Studio

When the trio of Professor P. Diabolous, Coach Ockislong and Hairy Meat get together they often refer to themselves as the “Monkeys of Destruction.” As such, the Monkeys of Destruction have done some trial recordings.

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Blue Moon Photos by Jess’ta Fleshwound

Ass Pirate, Jess’ta Fleshwound, has posted some of her photos from the Blue Moon show.

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Looped Features Art

Our naughty film teacher, N. Casey Gotchu, has created yet another one of his most fabulous short films called “Looped.” This one ain’t so naughty except for the guy getting kicked in the balls.

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